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  ¡¡¡¡The company is located in the beautiful banks of the Hangzhou Bay - Ningbo Cixi, here is the world's longest cross-sea bridge. This is a company specializing in the production of plastic profiles, Profile, seals, various metal parts, plastic parts and accessories of textile enterprises. Environmental protection products through the EU certification, the company management system, strong technical force, advanced equipment, testing equipment, die with our own development capacity, customers can save a lot of time developing new products.
¡¡¡¡For a long time, the company of "Sincerity-oriented, people-oriented" business philosophy, adhere to the "pursuit of excellence, creating fine" the principle of quality, have produced a light transmittance of the MTR, elevators and other high-tech profile of the filter, Overpass lamp lighting, electricity Chemical Enterprises refinery important parts of the seal, products have to meet or surpass the quality of imported products similar to national saving a huge amount of foreign exchange, the company also has development and growth.
¡¡¡¡Shen Li-feng, general manager sincerely welcome friends at home and abroad to the Company inspection, guidance, and your satisfaction is our greatest pursuit!
General Manager:
Since the company was founded in innovation in the development, in the course of development. Companies benefit from the development of all the support and assistance of colleagues, I would like on behalf of the Company to all concerned and
Support the development of the company leaders at all levels and all sectors of society friends in extending our most cordial greetings and most sincere gratitude!
Over the years, the company of "Sincerity-oriented, people-oriented" business philosophy, adhere to the "pursuit of excellence, creating fine" the principle of quality, centered around the construction industry pulse of the times,
Providing the market with high-quality plastic product profiles. In the fierce competition in the market and give full play to potential businesses, increase sales efforts and expanding the market for customer service
On the integrity of enterprises strive to devote time and energy to strong technical force, advanced process equipment, high-quality raw and auxiliary materials, strict quality management, and for producing first-class products and the establishment of gifted
Quality of marketing services provide a quality assurance system.
Prospect's future, the same hopes and difficulties, and opportunities and challenges. We will, as always, pioneering and innovative, advancing with the times, and speed up development, and creating a better business
Tomorrow and work hard! Through the modern network company is willing to display corporate image of this bridge, the world make friends with you insight sincere cooperation, mutual benefit, common
Promote the development of plastic profiles make modest means.
Welcome home and abroad to cooperate and jointly write a new chapter in the cause of plastic profiles!

¤û ¤û ¤û ¤û ¤û ¤û ¤û Manager: Shen Li-feng
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